Yang & Yin (Saturdays)


Join me on Saturdays for a Yin and Yang session, 🕑 09:45 to 11:00.

Pick a date below, checkout, then simply turn up on the day and roll out your matt!


What to expect:

Hot Yoga is for all levels of experience. Take it easy, work at your own pace and listen to your body. Some aspects of our classes are repetitive, part of a set sequence which offers many advantages that challenge your body in new but familiar ways every week. This improves your focus and helps develop your own level of flexibility.


Each class focuses on different postures, these may include; hip opening, strengthening and arm balancing, forward bends, backbends and special movements that will calm the mind and strengthen the body.

As an experience, the classes incorporate an invigorating aroma of incense with upbeat music to further enlighten the ambience.

What is Yin Yang? ☯️

During my recent training in Thailand we discussed how Yin and Yang is viewed as a symbolic concept, one that is often used visually within the yoga world.It is conceived within Taoism in ancient Chinese philosophy where it is often portrayed as two opposing sides. These contrary forces, Yin and Yang, are actually complimentary to each other and are deeply interconnected within the natural world as well as our own lives.

Take this for an example — we need nighttime (Yin) in order to enjoy and welcome the sunrise of day (Yang). In Yin Yoga Practice we move slowly and focus on stressing the body more deeply, whereas in Yang, we stretch and move the body more dynamically.

The human body and various movements are constructed to compliment certain apposing yoga poses. Breathing techniques that use the upper body to focus more on Yang and deep stretching to root the lower body into Yin.

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